fluff eaters

Bouncy is a purple cat who loves his bed more than anything in the world. One day, while he was sleeping pleasantly, hunger woke him up and he went to the kitchen for some food. When he returned, his bed was completely dirty, tiny Fluffs were all over the place. Bouncy got angry and swore to make those evil Fluffs pay for what they did...
An unusual adventure about a purple cat against a bunch of Fluffs!. Make Bouncy jump on a diverse type of elements, have fun touching those evil Fluffs and making them dissapear, use this cute cat's abilities to overcome amazing challenges joining the adventure through colorful and unique Worlds!.


The bad guy of the movie, you must get rid of them all.

Fish in a bubble

Like a regular fish but inside a bubble. Get as many as them to open new Worlds.


Fluffs are allowed to have that too.


Why? Because they can. They're really fast try to avoid them.

Ferris Wheel

It is a joyride for fluffs but will make your life more complicated.